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Cultural Association

A solidarity experience among people who lost their job. Handmade blankets and plushpets from recycled woolen sweaters.

Re-Plaid gives new life to old sweaters and other waste materials.

Materials destined to become waste are transformed into design handmade objects.

Would you like a selection of eco-design plushpets to be exhibited in your space?
Do you organize events on ethical themes dedicated to the environment and waste reduction?

Re-Plaid creates unique items thanks to the creative skills and craftsmanship of the partners involved.

Each plush-pet comes from a different theme, developed with a study of recycled materials and a design of details which leads to an aesthetic but also emotional result.

Recycling the wool

Each piece is handmade and unique

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We are unique, all different, that's why we speak the same language.


  • Every woollen fabric is a new source of inspiration. But I have to stay in the laboratory. If I go around looking for ideas .... I end up cutting people’s  sweaters.
  • Do we just recycle wool? Are you kidding? We recycle all the books read, the cartoons watched, the music listened to, the jingles sung, the most beloved movies, the stories we have experienced or imagined.
  • How do you know that the sewing machine does not send e-mails? Maybe yes, at least give it a try.
  • I have a relationship with nature in Disney style. Creating a wool pet is my way to express my biospheric consciousness ... by the way, how hot was the water we have used to sanitize these sweaters? And which is the energy efficiency class of the washing machine?
  • It's wonderful to help one another, especially when the majority of people don’t understand that the crisis is so close to us, inside our homes.
  • Who are we?!?! Sellers of owls. And how do we do that?!?! By promoting healthy habits fighting against a waste culture.
  • Well? ... obvious, what else? After a week of work, on the road every day, it’s natural for me to help if there’s need. Solidarity is not negotiable.
  • Hey honey, be careful not to make the points too tight ...  or your owl will wrinkle, trust me, a person who has sewn all her life.
  • After years among fabrics, it is nice to re-emerge among recycled yarns! You can breathe a really nice air!
  • The experience of the craft markets surprised me. I never expected to meet so many young people involved in social and environmental issues and to breathe so much solidarity.